We warmly welcome Master Coria Home. In this website, you will find some links referring to other of our platforms, general information, some flash games and most importantly: programs we have done. We will then detail each section of this website:
  1. Tools: contains several web tools that have different use and functionality each. Each tool is unique and can be used freely, it is a kit that we have for a long time.
  2. Downloads: This section is where we upload all the programs and software we have done, every program that is there can be downloaded freely and directly.
  3. Games: this section is dedicated to the insertion of online games to give entertainment to the user. You can only enter this section if you are using a computer, if you are on a mobile you will not be left because the contents are very large and use flash (a web plug that does not run on mobiles).
  4. Apps: contains links that index to other of our platforms. Each link leads directly to the site mentioned.

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To start using Master Coria Home, determine what the purpose of your visit is, if it is out of curiosity, we recommend going to the links that are shown in the menu of the site. If you know why it's coming, just like that, locate our menu and go to the corresponding section.

The vast majority of sections of this website are mobile-optimized, but there are some sections that do not. We recommend you visit this website using a computer to get the most out of the site.

Master Coria Home was our first application we created, and it exists since 2012. It was initially hosted in another web domain that was maintained by Miarroba, and at first, it had a very basic design and if all its contents were in disorder. With the passage of time, we improved its design and contents. In total 4 changes of design and contents, and he 2nd design was this:

The 3rd design was already a little better, but unfortunately we do not have a saved photo of that content. Currently, this is the most modern design we have and is the 4th. Master Coria Home is our oldest platform and every day we strive to relate and improve its content.

If you have a question or a question about the platform, we invite you to visit our support center, where You can send us a support ticket, or you can choose to send us an email.

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We work daily to keep innovating our technology and our affiliates to ensure safe, innovative and flashy site.

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We give our creative development to all our users, because the user is the one who receives and test our applications, they are a gift to you.

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Our platforms are easy to use, not only for its practical system and interfaces, but also by their content and intuitive design.

Recomendation: Are you gamer?, Do you like the videogames?, Would you like to crack it?, well, in The blog of Master Coria you will find a lot of cracks of videogames!"